Egypt Day Online Games

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Who Killed King Tut? Part 2

Now that you’ve finished getting the gist for each paragraph in the article, open up “Tutchart” and fill it in.


Who Killed King Tut?

First download the Who Killed Tut? document and open in Pages.

Who killed Tut

Chapter 2: Question 1

What were the three ways a body may be preserved?

Chapter 2: Question 2

Why didn’t two of the those methods work for Egyptians?

(Answer in the comments)

Welcome To Eternity

Click on the link below to plan out your “eternity.”

Eternity Travel

Egypt Fun

Click on some the games below and have a good time.

Mummy Maker

Egyptian Interactive Activities :  A bunch of different links

Death in Saqqara

Virtual Cartouche Maker:  Enter names and in comes out in hieroglyphs

Mr. Donn:  Lots of different links.  You may find some repeats, but there are lot of new links too.