Egypt Fun

Click on some the games below and have a good time.

Mummy Maker

Egyptian Interactive Activities :  A bunch of different links

Death in Saqqara

Virtual Cartouche Maker:  Enter names and in comes out in hieroglyphs

Mr. Donn:  Lots of different links.  You may find some repeats, but there are lot of new links too.

Outliner Maker

Outline Maker

Try this to make an outline for your research project.

Gathering Information From the Internet

The following is a document to help you  keep track of useful websites for your research project.  Click on it and download it.


Or in a post copy and paste the website address along with the topic, your name, and what information it may give in reply to this post.

Egypt: Persuasive Writing / Items I would Pack

Your assignment is to write a persuasive paragraph about 3 must have items in your pyramid.  In other words, you are to convince the reader that these 3 items HAVE to be in your pyramid.  First you must choose your 3 items and come up with great reasons supporting your decision.

In order to write your persuasive paragraph, you need to plan it.

Click on this link to plan your paragraph.

Persuasive Planner

Ancient Egypt Webquest

The following are the sites to be used for class today.  The directions are the worksheets provided.  Follow them to the “T.”

Tomb of the Unknown Mummy


Tuts tumb

Have fun!